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Back Pain and You

Whether you are suffering from back pain for few hours or for few years, your choice of Physical Therapy as an option for low back pain treatment is evidence based. You can fall into one of the three categories of treatment for low back pain.

Repeated Movements Exercises: or more commonly known as McKenzie method of treatment. You perform repeated exercises either through flexion or extension based on the evaluation and whichever way you feel relief from back pain.Stabilization Exercises: If the deep abdominal muscles and back extensor muscles are not strong enough to provide stability during daily living activities such as transitioning from lying to sitting to standing, rolling in bed, pushing, pulling, lifting and carrying different objects, then spine can shift the load away from normal alignment which may lead to strains of muscles and thus low back pain. Stabilization exercises help to reduce these deviations of spine and maintain normal alignment during daily tasks.Mobilization/manipulation: This treatment involves moving spinal joints using pressure by therapist's hands or by using tools. Manipulation is a rapid movement through short end range while mobilizations are slower movement.Hybrid techniques: You may need a combination of techniques mentioned to manage low back pain. Most of the treatment plans include exercises even when low back pain is at high intensity.

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