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Long COVID Syndrome: Physical Therapy can help

Many people recovered from COVID quickly and fully. However, unfortunately, a few were unable to return to pre-COVID level of function even after 6 months. Terms like “long COVID” and “post-COVID syndrome (PCS)" are used for the cluster of signs and symptoms the patients experience in this condition. There are many indications for PCS: fatigue, muscle weakness and pain, joint pain, balance loss, shortness of breath, headaches, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, depression and difficulty concentrating to name a few.

Outpatient physical therapy can treat some of the most common symptoms. Successful physical therapy relies on a comprehensive physical exam that identifies individual needs. After a properly conducted initial evaluation, a physical therapist and a patient can work together to create and implement a customized program that is specifically responsive to those needs. The evaluation process may also include identifying signs and symptoms that need to be further evaluated by a medical doctor or other types of healthcare providers.

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